Special Needs
Sunday Morning and Wednesday Night Programs

Bellevue’s Special Needs Life Groups meet Sundays at 9:20 and 11:00 am and Wednesdays at 6:15 pm. The Special Needs Class ministers to teenagers and adults. The Younger Special Needs Class ministers to preschoolers, children, and pre-teens. Both classes are led by trained volunteers who are there to share Jesus’ love.

The Classroom
Here at Bellevue we want to offer a safe and accepting environment to help meet the needs of all children. The classroom is split into three rooms: the main room, the sound and light room, and the movement room. Each room and area was been specifically designed to engage and accommodate children according to their various needs. Below is a brief description of each room.

      Main Room

  • Bible lesson center
  • Art and music center
  • Home-living center

      Sound and Light Room

  • Smooth-transition LED lighting
  • Interactive LED Bubble tubes
  • Vibroacoustic equipment

      Movement Room

  • Free-standing swing
  • Soft-play equipment
  • Tactile physioballs

Shepherd’s Haven Day Center
The Shepherd’s Haven Day Center is a care program for special needs adults that meets on Bellevue’s campus on weekdays. For more information about the Day Center, visit their website or call (901) 347-5296.

Throughout the year, the Special Needs Ministry provides numerous opportunities for participants to fellowship and have fun in a safe, nurturing environment. From sports teams to Special Olympics to summer day camp, there is an activity for everyone.

For more information about the Joy Class or our special activities, call the Children’s Ministry at (901) 347-5510.