Love Offering 2020

In coordination with last year’s Love Offering, we are taking time to reflect on the countless life-changing Moments that have happened in our Worship Center and striving toward providing for many more future Moments. Since last November, we have replaced the sound and lighting in our Worship Center as well as repainted the room. Over the next year, we will continue the renovation by replacing the carpet, installing new chairs, and more.

Moments Chapter 2

November 14–15, 2020


More than 85 years ago, in the middle of the Great Depression, one of the most impactful Bellevue traditions began—our annual Love Offering. The heart of our annual Love Offering has always been for God to provide for our church through the people of our church, and this year is no different. Even in the midst of various economic challenges, we believe God will prompt each of us to give according to His plan just as He did in 1934 when the first Love Offering was collected.

Our 2020 Love Offering coordinates with the 2019 Love Offering: Moments. Over the last year, we have reflected on countless life-changing Moments that have happened in our Worship Center while also witnessing new Moments take place. Now more than ever before, the value of and appreciation for our Worship Center has been revealed to us. After 11 weeks of not being able to meet in-person as the Body of Christ, we have come to cherish the time we spend together in our Worship Center even more.

While we have been limited in the ways we can meet in Life Group rooms or in many of the other areas in our church, we are gathering and Worshiping as one Body in our Worship Center. This year, as we reflect on our favorite Worship Center Moments, let us not take them for granted, and let us obediently give for the Moments to come.

I pray that each of us looks toward the Lord and obeys however He leads us to participate in this year’s Love Offering.

The Gift of Moments

Your gifts have contributed to new Moments and will continue to support future Moments through many completed and upcoming renovations.

SINCE 2019…

  • Fresh paint throughout the Worship Center
  • Ceiling painted black to improve stage visibility
  • Replaced sound and lighting (sound system, acoustics, sound boards, processors, and new house lights)
  • Fellowship Hall soundboard upgraded

What’s still to come

  • All-new chairs on the main floor and in the balcony
  • All-new flooring throughout the Worship Center
    Estimated Date of Completion: Easter 2021

Bellevue Loves Memphis

A portion of each Love Offering goes to support Bellevue’s ministry to our community through Bellevue Loves Memphis. As we invest in city renewal, your gifts continue to support the ways we Love Memphis Like It Matters. Learn more online about how you can get involved.

Some members of the church family may wish to give tangible items. If possible, it is better for you to sell such items and give the proceeds to the church.
Many of you will want to make a one-time offering by cash or check on Love Offering Sunday in November. You may also give online by clicking the button below.
If you wish to give a gift in the form of stock certificates, regulations require certain documentation. Your bank or broker can assist you in this process. Call (901) 347-5470 if you have more questions.
Give with kroger fuel points
As you look for practical ways to give to the 2020 Love Offering, you can make your giving easy by enrolling in Kroger Community Rewards. Simply register your Kroger Plus Card, and every time you shop at Kroger, you will earn rewards for Bellevue’s Love Offering.
Follow the instructions below to participate.

1. Visit
2. Sign in to your Kroger account.
3. On the main menu select “Savings and Rewards”
and click “Kroger Community Rewards.”
4. Select “I’m a customer.” then search for Bellevue. “Love Offering”
will appear as an available rewards option.
5. Select “Enroll.” and you are all set!
*Enrolling in Kroger Community Rewards will not affect your personal fuel points.

Hear about some special Moments that have taken place in our Worship Center.

Hear about some special Moments that have taken place in our Worship Center last year.

Click to read more about the Mission & Vision
behind the 2020 Love Offering Weekend.

meet our love offering committee
Cathy Allen, Chairman
Will Abrams
Kathy Armstrong
Mark Blair
David Coombs
Abbey Dane
Steve Gaines
Ronnie Gilbreath
Kevin Haley
John Jerkins
Grant LaClave
Brooks Norman
Phil Powers
Jason Pyron
Noah Sidhom
Drew Tucker
Mary Beth Turner
Steve Wiggins